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Tournament Paintball Formats

Just as there are huge differences between recreational, scenario and tournament paintball, there are many different game formats used in tournaments. Today when looking at paintball magazines, web sites and videos, one thing that makes tourney play stand out from the other styles is the field - bright colored jerseys on grass with big balloon bunkers, but not only is this a very new look for the top level pro and amateur tournaments, it's not the only way tournaments are played today.

By Bill Mills


2006 NPPL Rule Book Released

There are many rule issues still to consider for the 2006 season. Other rules under review are: the schedule for Quarter finals, format (Center Flag) and marker rules (BPS and Ramping). The League will be tough on discipline in 2006, any player or team found damaging hotel property or giving Paintball a bad image will be ejected for the season. The committee did not pass the 285 fps rule which was discussed at this years annual meeting. The primary reason for not passing the rule was the ASTM Standard uses 300 fps as a benchmark. We will continue to review the velocity rule as it relates to providing a safe environment for players, officials and spectators. The League follows ASTM Safety Standards.



Newbie's Guide to CO2

As a referee, I often get a lot of questions from new players about CO2. I also encounter a lot of confusion of the pressure that a tank holds, the output pressure, and its relation to the secondary regulator. Rather than provide an advanced guide full of conversion formulas and science I wanted to provide a simple and easy to understand guide for newer users.

Chris DeForge


Paintball Positions 101

By Dale Ford and Pete Stelnicki Nov 10, 2004 In tournament style paintball, the sport has evolved to a point where players participate in a particular position and have different duties on the field. All positions are equally important when put into the context of winning a game, but some positions get more identification than others. Along with these positions, there seems to be stereotypical body types and personalities attached to them. As with all things, there are always exceptions to the rule, and paintball is no different than anything else. During the course of this article, I'll discuss the stereotypical body types and personalities, interspersed with the exceptions to those rules, which seem to permeate the 68Caliber.Com team.

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Coaching 101

It's been a long time coming, but coaching is finally coming into its own in paintball. It is an aspect of our sport that has long been overlooked and disregarded, but it only makes sense that paintball teams, the serious teams who intend to compete in events, learn to make use of a coach; a set of eyes watching and evaluating from the sidelines, an objective observer who's only loyalty is to winning & improving the entire group, who's focus is unobstructed and undistracted.